The Magic Lens Vol. 1 The Magic Lens Vol. 2 The Word Within The Word Vol. 1 The Word Within The Word Vol. 2 Grammar Town Essay Voyage Building Poems

Grammar, Vocabulary, Poetry and Writing

These exciting and demanding books have been phenomenally successful both as stand-alones, and as part of a longer term, progressive English Language Arts curriculum. They are widely used in the regular classroom, in Gifted Education programs and for homeschool language arts. Student books and teacher manuals are available for each, and special home editions for some.

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Grammar IslandBuilding LanguageMusic HemispheresSentence Island
Grammar TownCaesar's English IBuilding PoemsParagraph Town
Grammar VoyageCaesar's English IIA World of PoetryEssay Voyage

Middle and Secondary

Magic Lens IWord Within the Word IPoetry and Humanity
Magic Lens IIWord Within the Word IIPoetry, Plato, Beauty
Magic Lens IIIWord Within the Word IIIIPoetry, Plato, Truth

For full details of these titles and other books for gifted children from Michael Clay Thompson see the English Language Arts Curriculum page from Royal Fireworks Press.